Trunnel Tickets

Trunnel Tickets can be purchased at Maritime Gloucester or The Essex Shipbuilding Museum.

“Trunnel tickets” are made from the “square ends” of the trunnels after they have been cut off and so each one corresponds with an actual part of the boat. To use your tunnel ticket you simply go to the like you are buying tickets for a public sail. Just before you have to spend your money you will be prompted “do you have a trunnel ticket” and you check yes. Then you will be prompted “how many” when you tell us you will not be charged for that number of the highest priced tickets you want to purchase and you will be told to bring your trunnels as they are your tickets.  When you use your trunnel to get on board the captain or crew will cut a notch in it to show it is used and hand it back to you for a keep sake.

We know of no other yard where vessels are consistently fastened with trunnels or tree-nails (wooden pegs) cut and milled on sight. The locust trees for the trunnels are felled locally and delivered to the yard where they are cut into trunnel stock on our mill and dried in boxes above the bench. When the shipwrights need trunnels (used to fasten the frames and planks) they make only the trunnels they are going to use that day which ensures tight fits. Once the trunnels are driven the “square ends” of the trunnels used to drive them are cut off and the trunnels are split and wedged on both ends so that they act almost like a rivet.