When do you sail?

We begin our sailing season in early May, offering two-hour public sails on weekends and one or more days a week throughout May and early June.  In mid-June, we offer daily public sails,  as many as three or four trips a day, throughout July and August. After Labor Day, we slow down a bit but continue sailing until we shift to weekends through Columbus Day in October. Click the tickets button on the navigation bar to view upcoming sails and buy tickets.

Please note that we offer private charters and group trips seven days a week throughout our entire season. Got an event coming up? Think you might like to charter the boat? Book now to be sure to get your date.

Where do we pick up our tickets?

For public sails or if purchasing your ticket on site, please check in and pick up your tickets at the Maritime Gloucester front desk before heading to the boat. All tickets include admission to Maritime Gloucester's exhibits and aquarium during their business hours. 

What time should we be at the boat?

We board right at sailing time, but you should arrive with enough time to park and pick up tickets. It is our passengers responsibility to be present at boarding. The ticket counter is often very busy just before a scheduled sail so please make sure you build in plenty of time to pick up your tickets. If you arrive early you will have a chance to tour Maritime Gloucester. The Ardelle sails from the dock at the time specified on your ticket. Any passenger not present on the dock at sail time will be refused boarding. We do not return to the dock to board late passengers for any reason.

Where do we park?

There are metered lots located at each end of Harbor Loop and metered spaces along Rogers St. and Harbor Loop. Parking at Maritime Gloucester is limited. Click here for a Parking Map. Gloucester has a vibrant calendar of festivals and community events throughout the summer season. These events can sometimes impact traffic and parking in and around downtown and it is up to you to plan your arrival time accordingly. Some useful (but not exhaustive) calendar listings: Gloucester Daily Time Events  & Cape Ann Vacations Calendar

Are you accessible? 

We are sorry, but the Ardelle is not wheelchair acessible. To board the vessel there is a sloped gangway leading to floating docks, several steps up to the rail of the vessel, and several steps down to the deck. Our crew is happy to allow advanced boarding and priority seating to passengers with impaired mobility, please call or email ahead to let us know. If you are unsure if a member of your party will be able to board the vessel with assistance, please call us at our main number 978-290-7168. We will be happy to meet you at the vessel and work with you to explore options.  

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing and flat, rubber-soled shoes, but be sure to bring an extra layer because it is always colder on the water. Also, if it is a sunny day we recommend you wear sunscreen. We ask that you please do not wear high heels.

Do you have a bathroom on board?

Yes. We have two marine toilets on ARDELLE. Also, there is a bathroom at Maritime Gloucester, the location of the dock, so passengers will be able to use this before boarding time.

What if it rains?

We try to sail as much as possible even in less than perfect conditions. When you buy your ticket, remember to put your phone number and e-mail when prompted. If we need to cancel due to weather, you will receive immediate notification and will be able to reschedule your ticket.

Can I bring my pet?

Trained service animals as defined by Federal and local laws are allowed and welcomed aboard. For the safety and comfort of all of our passengers, we do not allow any other animals or pets.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Due to our liquor license passengers are forbidden from bringing any alcohol on board, however we have beer and wine for sale. We also have chips and snacks available for purchase on board and you are free to bring your own food and non-alcoholic beverages. Please, no coolers. 

Will I get seasick? 

We stay mainly within the boundaries of the harbor which is well protected from rough seas. We are also responsive to guests and are able to navigate to calmer waters at any time. It is very rare that our passengers suffer from seasickness.

Are children welcome?

The ARDELLE  is first and foremost an educational vessel that has participated in taking school groups out for the Spring and the Fall. All children can receive student discounts and we are happy to have them on the boat. All passengers require a ticket for boarding regardless of age. Our passenger capacity is determined by the USCG and they count the number of souls on board, not the space each takes up. Infants and toddlers require tickets. 

Can I bring my bike/cooler/stroller/large item on board?

Large items cannot be safely stored on deck and may be challenging to stow below. We ask that all bulky items be left on land.